Review by Equine Jounalist - Sian Lovatt

Old Style Horse Remedies

When I was out reporting last week at the Horse Parade show in Ledstone, Yorkshire I stumbled across a brand new business that I immediately liked the look of.

After approaching them and asking whether they would be interested in me doing a blog in return for products they immediately obliged and here I am.

Old Style Horse Remedies was created by Alex a mere few months ago and is already going from strength to strength.

All products are made using both homemade and natural herbs and remedies that offer various health benefits to your equine.

You can use any of the products knowing that you are not putting anything harmful onto your horses coat that could cause lasting damage to internal organs. 

Products available are:
* 3 in 1 - Fly spray, detangler and show shine with tea tree. 
* Itchy Stop - A leave in herbal conditioner which stops itching and promotes hair growth. Also heals and soothes cuts due to the added Aloe Vera.
* Calmer Horse - A herbal remedy to calm both horse and rider with rose oil.
* Equine sports therapy massage oil - with added sinus clearing remedies.

All products are varied and do a number of jobs.

I have been using both the 3 in 1 fly spray on Ceaser to keep him in tip-top show condition ready for our championship shows next week and the Itchy Stop for around his mud fever to ensure the area is not irritating him.

So far I absolutely love the 3 in 1 fly spray. It does exactly what it says on the label; detangles his mane, helps keep his coat shiny and keeps the flys away! I am not a huge believer in fly spray and never buy it. In fact I would rather spend money on a decent, genuine fly rug than fly spray so I was very apprehensive about using this as fly spray. However, after just a few sprays I noticed the flys around him were all gone and he wasn't as twitchy.

His tail has since been lovely and silky soft, making it a lot easier to brush. Cobs tails are always horrendous to brush because they have so much of it so its nice to find a product that does as it says it will.

As well as this, Ceaser has been rubbing his tail a lot lately due to fly's and the humidity in the air, so I have been using the itch stop to help soothe the itchy area. So far this has worked a treat and we have had no usual bedtime scratching! 

People at my yard have even asked what products I'm using and are now keen to give them a try, saying the added bonus is, it leaves your horse smelling nice unlike lots of other products like these on the market.

I love the fact these products are all created using natural and herbal remedies. I am a big believer in going the natural way rather than anything else and I believe this will make these products even more so popular because of this.

I will be updating in the next week or so to let you know in more detail how I have gotten on with these products with both pictures and reviews.

So far: 9/10

"The 3 in 1 is fantastic, would recommend it to anyone. Not only is it a mane and tail de-tangler and a show shine but it's a fly repellent as well and it's cheaper than buying all three separately."
M Everitt, Altofts, West Yorkshire

"The 3 in 1 is an excellent product, smells great, I can run my fingers through my horses mane and tail, which in the past no matter what I use it still becomes knotty, he is super shiny & fly free."
T Smith, Widnes, Cheshire

"Itchy Stop worked wonders on a mare, we had so much trouble with all the regular stop itch products and we had tried them all, one application of your Itchy Stop & no more itching. Thank you.

We used the Calmer Horse on a youngster that got really uptight travelling and since using this product she has been a dream to travel, arriving at shows in a relaxed mood and not a sweat mark insight. We cannot say thank you enough."
Sorrelcourt Stud, East Yorkshire

"This is the first product I have ever used that completely cleared up two of my horses sweet itch, the horses instantly stopped rubbing and there were dramatic improvements to the skin the next day; the hair had started to fully grow back within 2 weeks and they were back to normal in 3 weeks. I like that the ingredients is all natural and affordable too."
Tommy Tucker Cobs

"Massage Oil - This product has been a life saver for my 13 year old cob who is a headshaker.  He has a very severe pollen allergy and the massage oil, applied around his nose, helps clear his airways and makes him comfortable.  At the first sign of his runny nose from the pollen I put it on and he is much more comfortable within minutes.  It has also meant he can be ridden out past the pollen fields when everything is in flower.  As I no longer use any chemicals on him as they can interfere with his immune system, this is one product which is ALWAYS  in my tack box.  Thank you so much."
Karen and Paddy