A Blend of Natural Infusions to Calm both Horse & Riderwith Rose Oil & Camomile

Calmer Horse is a traditional recipe used to disguise endorphins (signals created by people and horses when their adrenalin increases). Calmer Horse is a potent remedy, only a small amount is needed with long lasting effects and a long shelf life making it great value.

'A Blend of Natural Infusions to Calm both Horse & Rider
Contains herbal properties to relax the senses of both horse & rider, with calming influences including rose oil & camomile'

Directions for use:
Apply to the horse's neck and muzzle area avoiding eyes and mouth. It is recommended that a cloth be used and only a small amount, approximately 1 tsp. is needed.
For the rider, dab a small amount onto hands and allow to dry or apply to a handkerchief and carry on person.