We only use naturally sourced ingredients, such as essential oils, beeswax, coconut and shea butters; we do not use any harsh oils such as sulphar therefore, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Our remedies have proven time and time again to be effective and affordable treatments for horses compared to the majority on the market; the pesticide we use in our mitey feathers & 3 in 1, is 100% natural. You can use our products confidently knowing they are safe and effective and we are working closely with the appropriate regularities to conform with current HSE policies, (our products Ultrashine & Coconut concentrate shampoo; which are manufactured by other companies for us, contain the minimum required amount of synthetic properties, mainly using natural ingredients).

Our products were originally inspired by homemade remedies, dating back decades, to cure common ailments in horses when chemicals were not widely used and farmers, horse owners, even the army would use locally sourced herbs and used past traditions.